Return Policy

Return Policy

  • All orders placed in the North American Region regarding Warranty, Returns, and Defects are to be directed to Honeycomb Aeronautical Ltd.

In case of problems with your Honeycomb product, please contact first. 
Unannounced returns will not be accepted!


Phone: (833) 387-7554

  • All products are covered by a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Alpha Flight Controls tension bands on the mechanical movement is covered by a 5-year replacement program warranty.
  • The warranty only covers defective components and defects in workmanship that occurred during the manufacturing process
  • All defective returns will be evaluated in house for repairs and sent back free of charge. If product can not be repaired customer will be issued a new unit.
  • All Returns and replacements without serial number and proof of purchase void warranty coverage.
  • All cost of shipping and receiving of defective units and replacement parts will be covered through Honeycomb Aeronautical Ltd.
  • All non-defective units are nonrefundable.
  • All Defective returns must have all the product materials included and be returned in original condition.
  • The following defects are not covered by the warranty:
    • All damages arising from the failure to observe instructions in this manual.
    • Cosmetic wear and tear, including but not limited to scratches and rubberized paint deterioration due to rubbing against any surface.
    • Defects caused by improper use or cleaning.
    • Physical damage (e.g. scratches, broken casing caused for example by dropping the product or gross negligence).
    • Damage due to excessive force.
    • Damage caused by connecting components that are not shipped or included with the Honeycomb Products.