Alpha Flight Controls

Yoke & Switch Panel

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"I’ve been using the Yoke daily for months now and it’s INCREDIBLE! The price for the amazing accuracy and high quality is absolutely amazing!"

- Review

"As a real-world pilot, I was looking for something to up my home simulator realism, and this did the trick! The pitch resistance is near perfect. Coupled with the dual trim switches, I quickly forget I'm flying a simulator."

- Amazon Review

"This is a fantastic piece of equipment, and probably the best value for money of any yoke out there currently."

- Amazon Review

"This is my third yoke for x-plane and far and above the best. The build quality is excellent. The ability to control attitude near center without falling into a detent is wonderful, and realistic"

- Amazon Review

Bravo Throttle Quadrant

With Auto Pilot & Annunciator Panel

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Bravo Throttle Quadrant Production Update

The COVID-19 virus has unfortunately had an effect on the development and production schedule of the Bravo Throttle Quadrant. Our Engineering team is working hand in hand with our production facility to expedite the launch of the product as soon as possible. Right now we’re expecting a release in late Q3 2020.