Alpha Flight Controls

Yoke & Switch Panel

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"I’ve been using the Yoke daily for months now and it’s INCREDIBLE! The price for the amazing accuracy and high quality is absolutely amazing!"

- Review

"As a real-world pilot, I was looking for something to up my home simulator realism, and this did the trick! The pitch resistance is near perfect. Coupled with the dual trim switches, I quickly forget I'm flying a simulator."

- Amazon Review

"This is a fantastic piece of equipment, and probably the best value for money of any yoke out there currently."

- Amazon Review

"This is my third yoke for x-plane and far and above the best. The build quality is excellent. The ability to control attitude near center without falling into a detent is wonderful, and realistic"

- Amazon Review

Bravo Throttle Quadrant

With Auto Pilot & Annunciator Panel

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Bravo Throttle Quadrant Update:

Week 1 Production now shipped!