The internal components of the Honeycomb products have been developed and tested in FAA approved simulators over the last 25 years. By using existing professional grade internal mechanical components, we ensure, not only that the products will last for a very long time, but also that the weight and feel of the products mimic that of a real aircraft.


All Honeycomb products have been test extensively with both FlightSim X™, X-plane 11™ and Prepar3D™ to ensure full compatibility as well as an easy setup and assignment of buttons and calibration. Our products include drivers for both MAC and PC enabling you to connect our products to your preferred computer system through a USB cable.


All our products are designed to be part of a modular eco system. You can use them separately or together but they have all been designed to connect with each other, so that it is possible to create your own complete cockpit solution without the need to fabricate an expensive and complex cockpit shell. All our products are also compatible with all Saitek® Pro Flight™ products and attach to those seamlessly.



We spent considerable time sitting in several different types of cockpits and airplanes to map out the changes in ergonomics that could be found. It was important to us that we created a hybrid product so our Alpha Flight Controls could be used to simulate any type of aircraft, whether it was a Cessna piston engine, a Gulfstream private jet, or a Boeing 737 commercial aircraft. a Gulfstream private jet, or a Boeing 737 aircraft.


In the design phase, we focused on creating a modern look while staying true to actual cockpit designs. We added functions that are important in a flight sim environment like extra buttons and hat-switches, so more programmable features and assignments were available. We also created a table mounting system that doesn’t require any clamping onto the table and can be used on any surface.


After the initial design phase we created the yoke handle in clay and started adjusting the ergonomics to make it feel good in the hand. There generally is a difference between how simmers hold onto a yoke, compared to how a pilot does it, and we wanted to make sure that the design accommodated both demographics and enabled the usage of the yoke on hour-long sessions without any discomfort or fatigue.

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering was handled by Precision Flight Controls who have more than 25 years of experience in creating high-end flight simulators for the professional aviation industry. By using existing components that have been evolutionally developed and tested over decades, it ensured us that we would have the right feel and quality. It is also why we offer 5 years warranty on all our products. It is also why we offer 5 years warranty on all our products. It is also why we offer 5 years warranty on all our products. 

Software Development

Our internal software development team have been working on a software solution that caters to every user’s needs, and compatibility is our highest priority.  Whether you prefer MAC, PC, FlightSimX, X-Plane or Prepar3D, the adjustability, sensitivity settings, and button assignment has been made simple and straight forward. Profile assignment based on aircraft type enables you to switch setups quickly and a user interface that’s easy to use, guarantees you a frustration free experience.

Quality Control & Testing

At our manufacturing facility, we have strict quality assurance procedures. We don’t rely on a static production quality, but pick random samples from every production run which we take through rigorous testing. Every button and hat-switch has to withstand millions of button presses and pushes. The mechanical movement is taken through stress-tests, and even the plastic shell is being exposed to drop tests, to ensure that we always provide the same high quality to every customer. Put text here Put text here



Nicki Repenning

Honeycomb founder, Nicki Repenning has more than 10 years of experience in flight simulation, including 6 years of managing the Saitek Pro Flight Brand in North America. He has a detailed understanding of the needs and requirements of both flight simmers as well as pilots and flight students, through his involvement in all facets of the product development process of flight simulation equipment.

Nicki holds a pilot’s license and has had the pleasure of flying a great number of different aircrafts, giving him a unique knowledge of what flight simulation products should look and feel like.


Dave Morelock

Industrial Designer, David Morelock, began his 18-year career leading product design and development in the interactive entertainment industry.  After designing a number of award-winning and best-selling interactive hardware devices in the gaming industry, he was recruited by Microsoft Corporation to lead the design of a next generation human-computer interface device, Microsoft Surface.

Through his company, Southern Califonia Design Company, David has designed products for industry leading companies, including Samsung, AT&T, Verifone, Thales Avionics, Denon Audio, Cobra Golf, Orvis, and many others.


Mike Altman

Mike Altman founded Precision Flight Controls, Inc. in 1990 and is recognized as a global leader in providing flight training organizations with high-fidelity, flight simulation components and systems. PFC’s systems simulate dozens of general aviation and commercial aircraft as well as today’s most popular technically advanced aircraft.

PFC has supplied flight simulation components to aviation industry leaders such as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins, General Dynamics, Honeywell and Boeing. Today, PFC systems are utilized in facilities including the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, the FBI, the FAA, the European Space Agency and NASA.


The Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls is the most advanced flight simulation system available to simmers, flight students and pilots for setup at home. Designed and developed in California by pilots and aerospace engineers to ensure the most realistic flight experience.


See Product Features


See Product Features


The yoke features aerospace grade internal components and realistic ergonomics for a true flying experience.

The yoke has a realistic full 180° yoke turn radius with a dampened self-centering mechanism.

The Alpha Flight Controls include a mounting bracket compatible with Saitek and Honeycomb products.

The left handle features two buttons, two 2-way hat switches and a push to talk button. The right handle features two 2-way and an 8-way switch as well as button.

The steel shaft has 6 inches of travel and is made with an all metal mechanical movement for durability.

All Honeycomb products have been designed and developed in California by pilots and aerospace engineers.

The base includes a switch panel with master, alternator and avionics and light switches as well as red LED backlighting for night operations.

Drivers and configuration software included for both Mac & PC compatibility with  profile settings for different aircrafts.

All Honeycomb products features a 5 year warranty and free lifetime tech support.


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