We know there’s been a lot of questions about the status of Honeycomb Aeronautical and how the company will be operating moving forward. We’d like to deeply apologise for the delays in shipping product, the uncertainty surrounding our brand and the unanswered customer support questions that have accumulated over the last few months. Starting today, we would like to address these issues for you, our loyal customers.


Leadership Transition:
In January, we transitioned to new management of the Honeycomb brand. We appreciate there is a great deal of confusion surrounding Honeycomb and we are aware that previous staff members have been communicating with customers via social media and email. We are taking all possible steps to resolve this situation. With this significant management change, we plan on injecting a fresh perspective and expertise into Honeycomb Aeronautical.

Operational Shifts:
Support and marketing functions are being relocated for streamlined communication and efficiency. We believe this will greatly speed up communication times and aid you, our customers. Product development remains with our world-class German team based in Hong Kong.

Ownership Clarification:
Rest assured; Honeycomb Aeronautical will not be sold to former management. Our current management team have decades of experience is manufacturing, developing, and supporting high quality hardware at a global level. Our commitment to quality is paramount and we look forward to growing Honeycomb Aeronautical for many years to come.

Team Dedication:
The entire team is diligently working to bring more innovative Honeycomb products to the market. We have some incredible projects in the works, and we look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months.

Investment for Innovation:
Generous shareholder investments are fuelling innovation and enhancing our product offerings. Honeycomb Aeronautical is well funded and committed to surprising and delighting our customers with the world’s most advanced Flight Simulation hardware.


We appreciate your continued support and eagerly anticipate exciting developments ahead! 

For any inquiries, reach out to us at