We know this has been priority No.1 for a great many Honeycomb customers. We again apologise unreservedly for the delays that have surrounded this exciting new product, but today we're thrilled to unveil the release date for the Honeycomb Aeronautical Charlie Rudder Pedals! Here are the key details:

All pre-orders placed through the Honeycomb website and our official partners will be shipped on June 24th, 2024.

Refunds and Cancellations:
Rest assured, if you've placed an order, cancellations are available. Customers cancelling orders will receive a refund in February.

Additional Availability:
Quantities from cancelled orders will be made available on the Honeycomb website for new orders, with shipments scheduled for June 24th.

Global Availability:
From the second half of August, 2024 the Charlie Rudder Pedals will hit major retailers and e-tailers worldwide.

Get ready for an immersive flight experience with the Charlie Rudder Pedals—stay tuned!