Global Production Update

Due to unforeseen supply issues encountered like many of the tech and entertainment industries we have been forced to remove the estimated restock dates we had previously listed. We are currently unable to provide a date we will have either the Alpha or Bravo back on sale, we are however, doing everything in our power to minimize the delay as best as possible. This includes looking at bigger manufacturing sites as well as new suppliers for our components. We do apologize for this turn of events, but if you sign up to our newsletter or follow our social media we will let you know when we have the products back on sale.

We know delays are frustrating, especially when many avid simmers are looking to both upgrade their set-ups and support a new company. We promise once the pandemic is over, we will be building upon our foundations, learning from our mistakes, and strive to be the best source of high-quality, affordable flight sim hardware out there.

If you would like to know how the entertainment, tech, and transport industries have been affected and what has caused our delays, you can find more information in this short video.


-Honeycomb Aeronautical